About Big Balloon Productions

Who We Are

We tell stories about hope in the face of great conflict. Our characters are the outliers who challenge the status quo

Story Driven for Over 15 Years

It started with a group of kids making skateboard videos and home movies in their parents’ backyards. it has grown into an unrelenting obsession with storytelling and the exploration of the art of motion pictures.

Our Characters are Family

At Big Balloon, we aim to tell stories about mavericks who fight against the systems and situations that drag them down. The worlds our heros inhabit may seem fantastical or unusual but, at the core, we all share common dreams and heartaches. our refusal to give up can be captivating.

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Innovation and Experimentation

The Big Balloon is a creative challenge to push the limits of what a story can be and how it can be. when it pops, we do it again, building on what we learn with each project.

Connection Through Art & Entertainment

Our films have screened in venues all over the world to critical acclaim. We are very grateful to anyone and everyone who takes the time to watch what we make and we look forward to connecting with diverse audiences again and again.

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