Luminous Labs Internal Network -Log #445632 24-5-2110

Hideki, I went by Synthetics yesterday and didn’t see you. I hope building all those synths hasn’t turned you into a robot (lol) I finally started Chobits and you were right, it is an amazing show. They don’t make them like they used to.

The main reason I’m reaching out is I wanted to see if you knew what was going on in the fusion research sector. Your lab is next door and I can’t seem to get any answers. I was headed there yesterday to drop off plating for the Tokamak and the whole area was locked off with no signs or anything. 

It is really frustrating because I had just signed off and confirmed everything yesterday and now no one is answering comms over there. Control is telling me to hold tight. Well, that’s great and all but this is the first of 6 batches of plating that they ordered. We don’t have the storage space for all this (joys of working underground). 

Anyway. hope you’re well and didn’t get caught on the other side of that security door… because as far as I can tell, everything behind it fell into a black hole.


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